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Author: Hillary S. Webb

Hampton Roads, 2004

Back in 2000, at the very beginning of my studies of the shamanic worldview, I experienced some serious burnout and doubt regarding its relevance. I found myself wondering: “What do all these teachings add up to, anyway? What does shamanism have to offer those of us living in the ‘modern’ world?”

These questions and others led to what would become a three-year research project in which I interviewed twenty-four writers and teachers of shamanism. As I met and spoke with these stewards of shamanic traditions around the world, their words revitalized my enthusiasm for the subject.

Two decades later, I’m still digesting many of the ideas that came out of these conversations.

Traveling Between the Worlds includes conversations with:

• Author-environmentalist John Perkins, who brings corporate executives to the Amazon to teach them the value of merging business and eco-philosophy.

• Sandra Ingerman, teacher and practitioner of “Core” shamanism, who responded poignantly to the question: “What is gained and what is lost when we strip shamanic practice down to its bare bones in order to make it more accessible to Westerners?”

• Gabrielle Roth, creator of the 5Rhythms approach to movement, who urges us to dance our way back into our bodies in order to heal the dissociation of spirit and flesh.

• Rabbi Gershon Winkler, who uses the beliefs and techniques of the Jewish shamanic tradition to bring Israelis and Palestinians together on common, and more peaceful, ground—their indigenous roots.

• Oscar Miro-Quesada, of the Peruvian mesa tradition, whose ideas on life and death shook my view of reality itself.

… And more.

From the Press

“Hillary S. Webb has collected a series of interviews that is as provocative as it is fascinating, and she mirrors the shamanic devotion to service by sharing these stories with her readers.”

— Stanley Krippner, PhD author, Spiritual Dimensions of Healing

“A quest of questions and a precious harvest of answers concerning the under-studied, multi-faceted phenomenon of neo-shamanism.”

— Jeremy Narby, PhD, author, Shamans throughout Time

Traveling Between the Worlds is a remarkable opportunity to 'sit with' modern teachers and healers walking the path of shamanism, and learn from them to awaken those same innate abilities within you.”

— Brooke Medicine Eagle, author, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing

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