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Author: Hillary S. Webb

Career Press/New Page Books, 2003

The shaman is an individual who can enter altered states of consciousness at will. By making contact with unseen realms, he/she/they is able to receive knowledge and non-ordinary power to bring his/her/their community into a state of greater balance and health.


Exploring Shamanism introduces readers to the shaman’s role as healer, priest, and visionary. Each chapter includes exercises intended to help the reader dive into their own spiritual exploration.

From the Press


“This is one of the best books on shamanism I've ever read, and it is sure to influence future books on the subject.”



Exploring Shamanism does the job of two books–it presents a complete overview of shamans and their beliefs, and it offers a modern self-help program based upon shamanic practices that can benefit any 21st century thinker … [opening] up a whole new world of possibilities for humans who wish to connect more deeply with themselves, their spirit, and the natural world around them.”


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