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The scholarly and personal odyssey of Dr. Hillary S. Webb, whose study of the indigenous Andean concept of yanantin or "complementary opposites" through the use of the mescaline cactus huachuma led to a personal and professional transformation.
Interviews with twenty-four of the leading writers and teachers of shamanism in the Western world.
Explores the shaman's role as healer, priest, and visionary; the journey from neophyte to "master of ecstasy."

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Hillary S. Webb, PhD., is the former Managing Editor of Anthropology of Consciousness, the peer-reviewed journal of the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness and the former Research Director at The Monroe Institute. Having received her undergraduate degree in Journalism from New York University, Dr. Webb went on to earn an MA in Consciousness Studies from Goddard College and a PhD in Psychology from Saybrook University. She is the author of Exploring Shamanism, Traveling Between the Worlds: Conversations with Contemporary Shamans, and Yanantin and Masintin in the Andean World: Complementary Dualism in Modern Peru. She lives in Southern Maine.

Tukuy Ima Qhariwarmi Hillary S. Webb, 2009