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The scholarly and personal odyssey of Dr. Hillary S. Webb, whose study of the indigenous Andean concept of yanantin or "complementary opposites" through the use of the mescaline cactus huachuma led to a personal and professional transformation.
Interviews with twenty-four of the leading writers and teachers of shamanism in the Western world.
Explores the shaman's role as healer, priest, and visionary; the journey from neophyte to "master of ecstasy."

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"Shamans and Smoke": A Poem by Edward Pacht

July 24, 2012

Tags: shaman, shamanism, poetry, author, reality, writing, Hillary S. Webb

July 23, 2012. Bookbumz in Rochester, authors’ night. My two friends, Steve Hartford and Mike Harmon, promoting their book, Pipedreams: A Freak Tale, and Hillary S. Webb, author of books about Peruvian shamanism were interviewed together, their thoughts blending surprisingly well. These are my notes in verse . . . ~e.p.

"Shamans and Smoke"

Shamans and smoke,
words working wonders,
writers looking sideways,
catching reality unawares,
finding hidden worlds
buried in the corners of the mind,
hidden behind reality
but real,
in words,
Pipedreams and other worlds
talking over,
writing the authors’ life,
changing how one thinks,
living through ones words,
bringing others in
and, as one would hope,
changing them.

--------------------ed pacht